Hi, I am CHANGE-V. Hi, This is Download page.

because of low space, I deleted some of old demos

Game Boy Color game
Screen Shot Filename Description
155,391 bytes
(GBC ROM + source code)
Here is my entry for Lik-Sang coding competition
It is 4 stage shooter. I made it extra easy for those who uses keyboard to play on emulator.
use REW or No$GMB Emulator or real GameBoyColor

Here is simple starfield demo "". try if it works on your computer
note : It is made with DJGPP+Allegro, So EXE file is very big(425Kb for EXE file, 11Kb for DAT file)
ZIP filesize is 179,669 bytes

It uses mode 13h : 320x200x256 colors(8-bit). It should run on any video card. If not, Let me know.

Board game

290,668 bytes

source code / EXE

MiniRPG2 and Cookie Delivery Windows port
made by MasterMinds Software

898,303 bytes

EXE only

extra info.
custom background is supported for each game
make any 256x288 size BMP file as COOKIE.bmp

cheat in CookieDelivery has changed.
Left + Right + Action will toggle invincibility in game.

finished games

90,246 bytes

source code

184,676 bytes

source code

75,072 bytes

source code

MSX game and useful files


25,876 bytes

Note: you need MSX computer to run this very very old game(about 7 years old).
MSX Emulator also works fine. music is correct, but sound effects are not correct.

in zip format

9,765 bytes

contains minirpg1.bas
It will work on FMSX and BrMSX emulator.
parameter :
-diska minirpg1.dsk

Unfinished Games & Demos
GameBoy Color

4,192 bytes
(GBC rom only)
My second GameBoyColor demo
works fine on No$GMB emulator
use ultra "poppy color" for best result
+ : move ship
B : shoot (maximum of 2 shots at a time)
A : change player(I added just for fun
GameBoy Color
29,948 bytes
GBC and C source

need emulator to run

It is just a scrolling demo.
Akumajo Dracula G(Akumajo Dracula X clone.. from PCEngine version.. not SuperNintendo)
It is my first GameboyColor demo using GBDK (ver 2.1.5)
78,121 bytes
EXE only

This is my final update on Shooter project.
Little better than Simple Shooter
I have changed output routine because It had graphical bug. Report any graphic-bug. he he
it also requires 1M of EMS memory to run(4 offscreen layers which this game does not use all of them at once...)

Simple Shooter screen shot(clipped)

64,731 bytes

EXE only

This is small minigame. I dropped a lots of features to finish this game on time.
It is so small and simple, I added to this Demo section(it is fully finished version)

FX Shooter [Unfinished version]

47,958 bytes

source code

Unfinished version of FX Shooter(I actually deleted the speed select routine and the intro for uploading to this page)

Full Screen Scroll Demo

33,158 bytes

source code

Full Screen Scroll Demo (almost full...)
I put COOKIE on the map just for fun.
looks like Ys... scrolls like Zelda1..
he he

Parallax Scroll Demo for SCREEN 7

9,308 bytes

source code

Screen 7 Parallax scroll demo

Parallax Scroll Demo for SCREEN 13

2,808 bytes

source code

Screen 13 parallax scroll demo

fake screen shot

15,196 bytes

source code

one of the basic idea of

joy-pad motion detection


Bouncing ASCii character


1,869 bytes

source code

ASCii screen saver for QBasic.

lots of small demos for many platforms
39,065 bytes

source code
Joypad routine that returns value(0-8) for direction

PSX net Yaroze
14,388 bytes

source code

Joypad routine that returns value(0-8) for direction

1,409 bytes

source code

MSX basic already has Joystick / Cursor routine that returns value(0-8) for direction

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